vEmpire and OKC AMA Recap

vEmpire and OKC AMA Recap

On December 17th, the CEO of vEmpire, Dominic Ryder, joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OKC Telegram channel and answered questions from the OKC team.

The purpose of the event was to introduce vEmpire to the OKC Community.

The following is a recap of the AMA.

Please briefly introduce yourself and your project to our members

Dominic Ryder: Absolutely, so vEmpire DDAO is the first-ever Layer 2 Metaverse protocol. We are built around and encompass multiple projects.

We facilitate DeFi like staking pools of Metaverse tokens, paying yields in our token $VEMP as the primary yield, then using the tokens staked to build a giant war chest of virtual property, NFTs & real estate within these worlds.

We apply to play to earn games both on our platform & within Metaverses. Our first platform game is due at the end of this month & we have games ready to go for Sandbox’s launch.

What is your elevator pitch for vEmpire DDAO?

Dominic Ryder: I would highlight the below key areas where we are different.

1) We have zero like for the like competition. We are not a metaverse protocol, a gaming protocol, or a DeFi protocol. We are a mixture of all three, which gives us much more scale than MANA or SAND as we are not stuck in our area.

2) We can be fluid & flexible. We are not limited to any metaverse, we can follow what is trending and the hot metaverse, and soon not even chains will limit us! We are already on ETH, OKC & BSC, with more coming all the time.

3) We monetize and develop on all our lands, providing yield aggregation and earnings to those who do not have the time to do it themselves and also can be outpriced by huge prices already.

The name of your project is vEmpire DDAO. What is DDAO? Could you explain that?

Dominic Ryder: Of course, so the mission of vEmpire is to build, reward, and look after a strong community. A normal DAO rewards the wallets and the users with the most money. In the real world, leaving running it to the most wealthy hasn’t worked out so far really has it!?

vEmpire’s DDAO is a Democratic DAO, one vote per wallet above a minimum holding, and this means whether you have $10,000 or $10,000,000, your vote is equal. Usually, in other DAOs, no matter what the community votes, they can be easily overruled by founders, developers, and the team behind the protocol. Not with us.

What are the main selling points of vEmpire DDAO?

Dominic Ryder: 1) Flexibility, fluidity and ability to be dynamic.

2) No like for like competition.

3) Play to earn gaming both on the platform and within Metaverses

4) Yield Aggregation & the first-ever metaverse token staking platform

There is more! But I will cover more, and I am sure through your remaining questions!

What Partnerships/collaborations have vEmpire achieved recently?

Dominic Ryder: So we have been collaborating across the Metaverse, Gaming, Guild, and more expansive blockchain space!

Some of our partnerships and collaboration include the following; NEO, Influence.eth, Moonrabbit $AAA, Antara Universe is our latest which is very exciting! They are producing the first-ever Movie, wholly supported by NFTs! And all of our NFT owners also will qualify for the airdrop! Our older partners include Polygon and Chainlink, Polygon's Head of Asia is also an investor!

Has vEmpire announced any future staking pools?

Dominic Ryder: Yes, we have announced a NEO staking pool and a Star Atlas staking pool! The inspiring thing is that vEmpire is now getting Layer Ones to contact the US to partner with us. This is because you are in a space where blockchains compete to get the best metaverse and gamefi protocols to build on their chains. They recognize that having vEmpire on their chain gives them another “string to their bow” or sales point as we are ready and waiting source of demand to buy their quality assets!

About vEmpire DDAO’s Roadmap. Can you list some of the main points?

Dominic Ryder: Please see the current quarter and the next three above

Some of these we have already managed to hit early

What is the tokenomics of VEMP?

Dominic Ryder: So I have to say myself, our tokenomics are extremely strong

There is not a single token outside of the circulating supply that is not locked linearly, for a minimum of 12 months. In fact, 570M of the 630M left after the circulating supply is locked over the course of 21 years.

Why is the VEMP supply 810,720,000?

Dominic Ryder: One thing that infuriates me is when a protocol mints a round number like 100M 1BN or 1 Trillion. It is a tell-tale sign (in my opinion) that they have designed the protocol around the token and not the token around the protocol.

Our supply is 810,720,000 because that is exactly how many tokens it will take to incentivize our staking pools for the next 21 years around out emissions schedule.

Our token serves a real purpose, and so it is designed around that purpose

How can users vote/decide on the future of vEmpire in the DDAO?

Dominic Ryder: So due to VEMP being entirely community-focused. I wanted to show the community that they have an equal say in running the protocol. Just because somebody has a lot of money and can afford lots of tokens doesn’t make their voice louder, brain smarter, or decisions better than anybody else.

This is why it is one vote per wallet, and unfortunately, as everybody in crypto knows, we have bots to contend with. This is why the minimum can’t be zero. So it is one vote per wallet above a minimum to counteract any malicious bots that could try and sway the votes.

What made vEmpire bridge to OKC?

Dominic Ryder: So we have a HUGE Asian community I care about deeply, so I was saddened to hear the regulation news. OKC is decentralized, and so this means Asian users once-off centralized exchanges will and already have to go to a strong, safe space, OKC.

At vEmpire we go where our users go. Plus, great projects are building on you guys, which helps.




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OKC is EVM compatible, super-fast, and has low fees.

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