Threedfy Launch on OKC Coming Soon!

  1. Cloud-Native Platform: Entire Threedfy design, viewer, and marketing tools run on cloud-native and no-code within the PaaS model.
  2. Design Tools Provider: Threedfy is a cloud-native, zero-code, and no app-required “3D, XR, AR, VR” NFT Design Tools provider.
  3. Metaverse As A Service: Threedfy is a 3D design and development platform for individual and customizable 3D Metaverses, Showrooms, and Galleries to empower the whole Web3 market with the white label or in-domain features.
  4. NFT Marketplace: Threedfy is a next-generation “3D, XR, AR, VR” NFT 2.0 platform to amplify all other NFT marketplaces, P2E games, and NFT artists.
  5. Utility NFTs: Threedfy is a “3D, XR, AR, VR” supported utility NFT design and launch platform to enrich the entire game and traditional retailer markets.
  6. Omniverse Launchpad: Threedfy is a DAO — based launchpad platform for metaverses, games, showrooms, NFT marketplaces, or NFT collections.

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