Jfans Space: Introduction of Esports Boy NFT and Fan Medals

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3 min readApr 28, 2022


J Team owns the “League of Legends” division, the “League of Legends Mobile Games” division, the “PUBG Mobile” division, the “PUBG” division, and the “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” division. The Team also have made remarkable achievements in the field of e-sports.

By combining e-sports and blockchain in these two fast-growing markets, Jteam’s Jfans Space has launched a new Esports Boy NFT project with the first batch of fan medal giveaways + the limited edition slippers.

About JTeam’s Esports Boy NFT Drop:

  1. There are 1,000 sets for sale in total. Each set contains an Esports Boy NFT and 500–1,500 fan medals giveaway, which comes with the delivery voucher of 1000 limited edition trendy slippers. Therefore, a total of 1,000 Esports Boy NFTs and 1,160,000 fan medals were released this time. The price of a set is 2000 USDT.
  2. These limited edition trendy slippers are made by Musk’s SpaceX manufacturer.
  3. The total supply of fan medals is 10,000,000. Initially, all the fan medals are locked. They can be released only when we launch a new product, and the amount of fan medals in each release is determined by the price and quantity of the products and fan medals. For this first batch, 500 -1,500 fan medals will be given away for each Esports Boy NFT holder, so there will be 1,160,000 fan medals released at this time. The fan medals will be locked if there are no new product launches.


1. The 1,000 fan medals in the set can be redeemed for slippers or you can also leave the fan medals to exchange for other new products in the future.

2. After purchasing the set, buyers can split and resell these 500 -1500 fan medals and Esports Boy NFTs in the set.

Note: NFT holders need to collect a complete set before he or she can redeem the fan medals for the trendy slippers. After the redemption, NFT holders can still keep the Esports Boy NFT.


Esports Boy NFT:

  1. Every NFT holder can receive 1000 fan medals giveaway for free
  2. Esports Boy NFT is the membership ID of Champion Club, which is a DAO based incubating circle, and the holders can participate in more high-end activities organized by the community

Fan Medal:

  1. Event VIP tickets
  2. Signature
  3. J Team’s crossover products
  4. and more benefits

The Champion Club NFT Drop has 4 Rounds:

1. Angel Round: 300 sets, 20% off, lock for three months. 1 Champion Club NFT + 1500 Fan Medals Giveaway

Status: Closed

2. Early Bird Round: 300 sets, no discount, no lock, 1 Champion Club NFT + 1200 Fan Medals Giveaway

Status: Close at 23:59, May 4th (SGT)

3. Pre Sale Round: 300 sets, no discount, no lock, 1 champion club NFT + 1000 Fan Medals Giveaway

Status: 00:00, May 12th — 23:59 May 13th (SGT)

4. Public Sale Round: 100 sets, no discount, no lock, 1 champion club NFT + 500 Fan Medals Giveaway

Status: 00:00, May 14th (SGT) open

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