IslandSwap and OKC AMA Recap

We’ve been heard a lot about IslandSwap, can you please introduce it?

Islandswap ecology is DeFi&GameFi, can you tell us how it is combined?

Can you tell us why the IslandSwap team chose to make a blockchain game? And the composition of your team?

How does IslandSwap distinguish itself from other blockchain games?

Can you walk us through IslandSwap’s financing condition and tokenomics?

More and more people are getting interested in IslandSwap. Marketing is quite important for the development of an excellent game. What about your marketing strategies?

This is just about the game, and we’re interested in the whole career path of the game. Can you share the roadmap of IslandSwap with us?

Can you walk us through IslandSwap’s current partners? And are there any major partners in the future?

As we all know, IslandSwap runs on OKC. Will it work with OKEx later?

Where can we find out more about IslandSwap?




OKC is EVM compatible, super-fast, and has low fees.

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OKC is EVM compatible, super-fast, and has low fees.

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