Exclusive Launch of Endless Battlefield(EB) on OKC Coming Soon!

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3 min readJun 9, 2022


We’re happy to announce that Endless Battlefield(EB), a military strategy and exploration sandbox metaverse built on the UE engine, will exclusively launch on OKC very soon. The technology built into the OKC was designed explicitly for high-performance and extremely low cost, making it an excellent match for many Metaverse applications, NFTs, DeFi protocols, and more. The first official version will focus on FPS competition-related content, similar to the CSGO of traditional games. The sandbox gameplay will be released iteratively. We believe that OKC players can discover and experience FPS battles in an endless battlefield world!

Endless Battlefield’s metaverse is built on a planet. This allows players to explore an entire planet freely, build a military base, and form alliances on a planet scale as virtual citizens of the metaverse. Players can experience the metaverse from the first-person and third-person points of view since the game offers both of these options. The first-person point of view can be especially helpful for players in combat situations.

In the Endless Battlefield, players can compete against each other for resources. They can form strategic alliances with other players to acquire more resources, construct complex military bases to defend their resources, and create player-based armies to be victorious on this planet-sized battlefield. To build bases and craft various items, players must develop effective resource gathering methods to help their harvesting, timbering, fishing, mining, hunting, etc.

Endless Battlefield’s crafting system allows players to craft basic tools and facilities to create more complex, high-tier items and NFTs; medicine can be crafted by collecting fruits, and food can be made by combining different ingredients such as meat or fish, armors, backpacks, tools, weapons and such, can be created by using metal, wood, fur, etc. Players will have digital ownership of their NFT assets, they will be able to sell, buy or trade their assets on the game’s in-game trading center as they see fit.

For example, players can create, and match the clothes and decorations of an NFT character.

On the planet map, players will encounter different cities with unique styles. These main cities are designed to be the safe zones in the metaverse where players can socialize and trade with each other. Also, players will be able to build their own safe houses in the main cities. Lands can be traded, bought, or sold as NFT assets.

Stay tuned, and don’t miss Endless Battlefield(EB)’s exclusive launch on OKC! Get ready for a new and exciting gaming experience!

About Endless Battlefield(EB)

Endless battlefield is a large-scale metaverse MMORPG chain game developed based on the UE5 engine. In the game, players can collect, build and fight freely. EB’s vision is to make EB game the pioneer of Gamefi2.0 by the improvement of the experience and playability of the game under the premise of earning.

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