Elk.Finance and OKC AMA Recap

What is the ElkNet and how does it work?

Is This Yet Another Bridge?

Extra costly conversions if the two assets you want to swap do not exist in both chains. What is your approach to that?

We’ve heard rumblings about a stable coin called CHFT, what’s that about?

So there’s CHFT; will there be any additional cross-chain tokens?

So in the future, I could create a proxy token for OKT?

Are there any requirements for creating a proxy token?

Is there a Moose available on OKT?

How can you benefit from Elk?

I’ve heard that Elk.Finance has Impermanent Loss Protection, how does that work?




OKC is EVM compatible, super-fast, and has low fees.

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OKC is EVM compatible, super-fast, and has low fees.

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